Linguistic Benchmarking

Every company nowadays needs to empower their workforce to face the new market order: full-fledged communication with the world. Having this in mind, GTP has devised a tool to help schools and companies check their employees’ level of English, and consequently understand how much they need to invest in language training.


Our linguistic benchmarking system is based on the application of a 4-skill test of English (listening, speaking, reading and writing), which consists of a written part, varying between 60 and 80 questions plus a final writing task, and a speaking moment, which takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes.


The reliability of the test is guaranteed because:

  • its contents come from a bank of over 8,000 questions, which are updated regularly.

  • its correction is centered on the Common European Framework of Reference, an internationally recognized language band system.

  • the professionals who apply the tests are all well trained.

  • the correction is almost 100% objective (except for the final writing task and the speaking).

  • it is generated for your company or school only (there aren’t two tests alike).

After the employee has been tested, they will receive a general report where they will see their performance and level in a clear way, like the one below:



The minimum number of tests to be applied is 10, and this is the investment (valid until Dec/19):

Up to 10 tests


(per test)

More than 100-999 tests


(per test)

From 31 to 99 tests


(per test)

From 11 to 30 tests


(per test)

More than 1000 tests

*get in touch with us!



1. The investment above is payable in up to two instalments.

2. We will need at least 15 days prior to application in order to design the test.

3. Tests are paper-based and applied at the company/school.


Next Steps


If your company is interested in our linguistic benchmarking, here's what to do:


a. contact GTP ( and contract the service

b. appoint the person in the company who will liaise with GTP in the organization of the testing procedures

c. wait at least 15 days for GTP to write the test

d. during this period, a schedule is negotiated with the company/school

e. five days before the application, GTP writes to the employee, confirming the testing date, and sending an overview of the test structure

f. GTP (or the compapny/school) applies the exams

g. up to 15 days after the end of the testing procedures, GTP sends the reports first to the employee (see model report above), and then to the company.


If you have queries, please write to the email below or to Gabriel Menezes (