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The Course

The American Studies is a tailor-made course for those who have studied American history and literature before and want to continue visiting the cultural and historic background of the United States. The course is divided into two modules, a literature one and a language one.


The literature module lends itself to the analysis and review of the historic and literary events of the last 50 years in the USA. It will tackle, among others, topics such as the Cold War and its consequences, the social and political revolutions of the sixties, the Counterculture, political scandals and crimes, the “Techno Generation”, the social and moral changes of the eighties, the market-oriented decade that followed, the global aspect of the years 2000s and the recent post-truth era. Each phase in history will be linked to specific writers, whose work will be briefly studied.


It also has a language component, which comprises some important C1-level topics to be recycled and/or learned. In this component, the course will try to review some subjects that are still a problem in terms of usage, as well as some more advanced ones, such as parallel construction, correlative conjunctions, discourse organizers, predicate position and other negotiable topics. There will be also room for lexical studies.


Lessons are based on a history and literature book, to be distributed on day 1, and some other materials that will be delivered along the course. Each course participant will be responsible for the presentation of at least one literature chapter, and the presentation of a grammar or vocabulary topic. Lessons are made richer by the use of streaming (videos and songs) and other resources.


​We will revisit the American history, culture and literature of the post-60s period. The course is organized in 20 chapters, and one chapter is analysed every class, which will lbe used forthe  individual presentations followed by discussion. Here are some of the authors that are present on the course (among others), formally or informally:

Alice Walker

Anne Rice

Frederick Forsyth

Harper Lee

J. D. Salinger

Jack Kerouack

John Updike

Martin Luther King Jr

Maya Angelou

Phillip Roth

Stephen King

Toni Morrison

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