Course design

Placement tests

• Career Plan Design


Institutes can choose to be connected to GTP virtually, hire some of our training courses, or contract our professionals as academic consultants. When this last partnership is established, there’s a range of services provided, such as:


  • Recruitment Process (Testing, Training and Follow-up)

  • Courses for coordinators

  • Placement tests for new students

  • Analysis of teaching materials

  • Schedule study

  • Career plan management

  • Linguistic Benchmarking (for teachers)


​Course Design


We can help you devise better courses, diversifying your offer and responding to the needs of more potential students. When you contract this service, we will help you:


  • access the needs of your students (or potential ones).

  • build a solid schedule and breakdown for the course.

  • help you choose the right materials for it.

  • integrate extras to the course materials chosen.

  • Work on the assessment of this course, including possible testing and certification.


Please, do get in touch with us for further questions or a quote (


Placement Tests


One common demand from schools is a reliable tool to be used to place students at their right level, so they will not feel frustrated by finding the course either too easy or too demanding.


We can help you with tests that can be applied partially by the administrative staff, or can be offered online. However, the construction of tests is a serious business, and at GTP we can only devise them if we can guarantee the student will have a clear idea of their level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). In case your school levels are still not aligned with it, we can help you find the correlation between your courses and the CEFR.


To know more about it, write to with your queries.


Career Plan


Career (development) plans have been used by more and more schools to give teachers a better perspective of growth inside the institute, and to help them develop more systematically.


We can tailor the plan to your school needs, and are ready to take your staff education, skills, interests, and experience into account. Besides, we suggest plans that are personalized, so that every school member will have distinct goals to achieve.