Materials Development

If you need to have materials written for your school, we can offer a team of qualified developers, who will understand the role of materials within your ELT curriculum, and design tasks that that respond to learners’ needs.

These materials encompass (among others):

  • extra activities

  • online tasks

  • podcasts and videocasts

  • support booklets (hardcopy or online)

  • coursebooks (SB, TB and WB)

Our writers will evaluate, adapting and/or design materials based on the courses you offer at your school, and the methodology used, and the materials you already adopt.

We understand materials need to be:


1. meaning-based and production-oriented

2. rich in terms of the input

3. contextualized

4. as authentic as possible

5. varied in terms of the genre and type

6. precise in terms of the level

7. aimed at engaging the learner

8. focused in terms of the target language

9. competent in achieving communicative goals

10. able to promote critical thinking

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