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Module 2

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(until June/2023)

GTP is not a Delta center but we work in partnership with different centres in Brazil and abroad. The dates below are for a course scheduled to be delivered at UTC/GTM -3hs:

Start: Feb 27, 2023

End: May 26, 2023

Investment: 10 X R$900,00 (+ Cambridge Fee US320.00)

Theoretical Component


Contents: review of teaching and learning concepts, description of the Module 2, guidelines to write your BEs (Background Essays), LPs (lesson plans), and the PDA (Professional Development Assignment).

Workload: about 10 hs/week for reading, researching, diagnostic lesson, observations, discussions, and assignment writing. 

Practical Component


Contents: sessions on systems and skills, consultation for and preparation of 4 LSAs (lessons to be taught), sessions on systems and skills, feedback on teaching, and reflection.


Workload: 5-10 hours a week, with lessons delivered and observed on Zoom.

Most materials you need are online. You will gain access to them on day 1, using Canvas Instructure or NEO.

Reliable videoconferencing tools for you to teach your lessons. All the support you need from very qualified tutors.

The possibility of using your own group of learners to have your lessons observed.

Discounts for GTP former trainees, member teachers, and referrals. Write to know more about it.


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André Alipio

COTE / DELTA hoder

MA Applied Lisguistics/TESOL University of Leicester


CELTA/CELTA Online Trainer 

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