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The Course

The course is organized in four online modules, each one taking an average of two weeks.  Each course participant will have access to the learning system used (Canvas Instructure). All work is done virtually and is based on the interaction among the candidates. Two real time sessions may be arranged with the groups after some activities, as part of the course development. Participants' queries/questions will not take more than 24 hours to be dealt with.

Course Structure

Groups are formed only by teachers of English, who may be taking the course from different parts of the world. Before teachers enroll, they are asked to send us a scanned image of their CAE certificate, ECPE, or IELTS 8. In case the teacher has no official exam certificate, a placement interview (via Skype) can be done.


The course will be divided into the next main areas:


1. Initial familiarization with the online course mode

2. Geting to know each other, the platform, and the available LMSs

3. Understanding VLEs and LMSs as parts of MLEs

4. The language and conventions of online communication (nettiquete, body lgg, etc)

5. Understanding the tutee, and online communities

6. Devising e-tasks, e-tivities, and online courses

7. Blended Learning


There are other entry requirements for the course. Candidates are also asked to:


  • make sure they will have access to a computer and internet connection for the period of the course;

  • dedicate an average of 5-7 hours a week;

  • understand courses taken in VLEs, even if asynchronous, are highly dependent on online interaction;


Next course dates

August 15/22 

October 10/22

Course Materials

All materials are devised by GTP, and there is no need for the teacher to buy any other. Besides, teachers will have access to a collaborative platform for reference texts and other tools.



Although there is no final test or exam, assessment happens throughout the course. Candidates will need to upload 3 reflections individually, and will need to develop other tasks in isolation and in groups to help sharpen their managerial and social skills. A final course plan will be requested as evidence of learning. The team of tutors marks the papers and sends them back to candidates. Other aspects such as self-study, homework, online tasks, and quality of participation are also going to be assessed along the course.

Fees & Discount Policies


Brazilian residents: R$1.500,00, payable in three installments.


Overseas residents: US$300.00, payable via Paypal.

Early-bird discounts:

> For course 1: sign up until June/22 and get 25% discount

> For course 2: sign up until August/22 and get 25% discount



All the tutors at GTP are highly qualified, and trained constantly by the Academic Department. To know more about them, click here.



If you want to get more details, write to course coordinator, Gabriel Menezes