Our logotype and colors will not appear. Your learners will see your school logo and colors.


No platform-setting charges. You will pay a fair amount per user every month. And that's it!


A total of eight different types of tasks. Games are in the pipeline.


Your learners will be able to access their practice tasks from wherever they are, using their computers, tablets or mobile phones.

Among other key performance indicators, you your school will have access to:

  • reports of use and performance can be generated and sent to parents.

  • the amount of task tries and the logged time of students.

  • all the teachers and their activity.

Tasks may be written by GTP experts (DELTA holders or CELTA trainers). Or you can also have your team write them. We can use videos and audios in the tasks. Click here to see the types.

PLUS! can be used by your school in different ways: as the main contents deliverer of your course, or as a complement to it.