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Resident Evil 6 Nude Mod Sherrygolkes alaell




 . . You get a new game and your first scene. What do you think about that, cause usually when i play a video game i don't go to my game to see someone nude. When i play a video game i go to play it, cause i want to have a game. I just don't understand why Resident Evil 6 is allowing me to go to their site to see Sherrygolkes nude and get a new game, I think this is a bad sign to Resident Evil, so what do you think about that? [Sherrygolkes:] Nope, I have heard people that they like the game, well I don't know cause i don't play it. I just downloaded it from Steam. It's just a game, so if you don't like it, just don't buy it. [Random Resident Evil Fan:] You're the only female in the whole game, except for Jill, I'm just wondering what they have in mind for you, cause when the game came out it was like that, everyone else was a male. I was in the same position, but I was given a story for a female character, but you were just thrown out on your own and just have to survive in the world. I was wondering what they had in mind for you. [Sherrygolkes:] I am just a tool in the game, I'm not really needed in the game, I am just there to give the male character a girlfriend. [Random Resident Evil Fan:] So what will happen with you? [Sherrygolkes:] I don't know, I don't know. [Random Resident Evil Fan:] But Sherry, I have to say this, this game has improved, I don't think it was ever this good, but now it's gotten better, so do you think Resident Evil 6 will continue to get better or will it just be more of the same? [Sherrygolkes:] Resident Evil 6 will always be Resident Evil 6. [Random Resident Evil Fan:] You just don't have any concept of what a character is. [Sherrygolkes:] What? I don't think so. [Random Resident Evil Fan:] You don't know how to develop your characters. [Sherrygolkes:] What do you mean by that? [Random Resident Evil Fan:] When you play Resident Evil 6 the story is weak, the controls are bad, the gameplay is bad, the melee combat is dumbed down. [Sherry



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