Training Courses

Pre-service selection process and training

In-service training courses

Workshops for Coordinators and Trainers

Along with our courses for teachers and the consulting services we offer to schools, GTP has a wide range of training courses available to your school. We also count on the experience and talent of professionals that have been working as trainers for over 15 years, and contributed to the formation of more than 500 teachers in Brazil.

Institutes can choose to be connected to GTP virtually, hire some of our training courses, or contract our professionals as academic consultants. When this last partnership is established, there’s a range of services provided, such as the ones below.



Pre-service selection process

The process starts with the observation of lessons at your school, so we can understand the DNA of your course. Then we proceed with the analysis of résumés sent to the school and/or GTP. After it, the selected teachers are tested and interviewed twice. The first interview is academic and carried out by one of our coordinators. The second one is administrative, and conducted by the director/manager of the school, with the guidance of our team.


Pre-service teacher training

Regardless of who conducted the selection process (GTP or your school), the candidates that qualify should take part in a pre-service training course. At GTP, we can offer 20-hour, 30-hour and 40-hour PS training courses, after which candidates will be invited (or not) to join your teaching staff. Check the suggested timetables below for sessions, modes of delivery (on-site or online) and fees. We can also tailor courses to your needs.

We will be glad to analyse your needs and help you as much as possible. Do not hesitate to write us a line and ask for a quote (


In-service training courses


At GTP, we have a nice range of training courses we can offer your teachers in order to help them develop as professionals and improve the quality of their lessons. Apart from the language courses that we make available every term for teachers, we can also give your team of teachers sessions and workshops in the following areas (among others):


  • Improving the teaching of systems

  • Improving the teaching of skills

  • Inductive vs Deductive Approaches to Grammar

  • Meaning conveying and checking

  • Lexicalizing grammar

  • Classroom management

  • Giving feedback 

  • Making technology work for you

  • Brain-target teaching in ELT

  • Critical Thinking in ELT


The sessions can be delivered in a face-to-face or online mode. To have access to the complete list, or request a quote, please write to ( We are willing to develop tailor-made presentations for your needs.

Workshops for Coordinators and Trainers

(Among others)

Implementing Team Work

Formatting Pre-service/In-service training courses

Seeking Total Quality in Teaching

Devising Integrated Materials for the Classroom

• Developing Assessment Tools

• Developing Practice Tasks

Lesson Observation and Feedback

Devising Models of Teacher Development

• Bilingual School Projects

These are just some of the sessions we can offer. If you need tailor-made ones, write to